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Is ARC going to sponsor another competition?

ARC has no plans for another design competition.  The purpose of the ARC design competition was to introduce wildlife crossing infrastructure to the public, to decision-makers and to design professionals. We did this by engaging interdisciplinary teams of design, engineering and ecology professionals in the challenge of a concept design for wildlife crossing infrastructure to be implemented at Vail Pass. Our work in public education, research dissemination and implementation continues as the ARC competition project evolves into ARC Solutions. Please take a look at our website, and email us at if you believe there are potential opportunities for collaboration as we move forward with ARC’s vital work.

Who won the ARC competition?

The finalists’ designs can be seen here and in the ARC video. Announced at the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Conference in Washington, DC, on January 23, 2011, the ARC jury of internationally-respected professionals with expertise in design, ecology, and engineering selected the team led by HNTB with Michael Van Valkenburgh & Associates (New York) as the winner of the ARC International Design Competition. You can read the jury’s report here.

I’d like to write an article about the ARC competition. May I have permission to use the design competition information and photos from the website?

We would be delighted to have you write an article on the ARC competition, which has already been covered in Fast Company, Topos, LA China, Competitions Magazine and a variety of other design publications. Please email us at for more information on permissible uses of the website material.

Where is ARC located?

The ARC team is an informal self-selected group of organizations, institutions and individuals working cooperatively to promote and advance the next generation of wildlife crossings.  As a result, there is no central location for ARC; rather, its individual members hail from various locations within the U.S. and Canada.

How can I get involved?

Although there is no formal avenue for becoming involved with ARC, you can get involved in protecting wildlife by contacting your state’s department of transportation, which is responsible for building and improving highways.  The U.S. Federal Highway Administration includes a list of state departments of transportation here.

Do you have any volunteer / internship positions?

Where can I learn more about wildlife crossing structures?

In addition to the ARC Solutions’ website, you can learn more about wildlife crossings from ARC’s partners and other interested organizations, including the Federal Highway Administration, Rocky Mountain Wild, Western Governors’ Association, Western Environmental Law Center, and the Western Transportation Institute.